We at Emmitsburg Osteopathic primary Care Center want to give tribute and thanks to Dr. Margaret Callan who came to Thurmont in 1966 to serve the people of Thurmont, a rural, poor but industrious community. Dr. Callan served into her 80’s. Her medicine was practical, no nonsense, caring and compassionate.

Doctor Margaret Callan was born a city girl on April 11, 1919 in Washington, D.C. Dr. Callan was the daughter of Charles Cyprian and Aurela Magdalene Lusby Callan. After attending a local public high school in Washington, D.C., Margaret matriculated at George Washington University where she became a college graduate in 1941. A brilliant woman, Margaret Callan continued at George Washington University School of Medicine receiving her M.D. in 1944. Young Dr. Callan served all of her internships and residencies in D.C. area hospitals. Staying close to home, Doctor Margaret Callan set up her private practice in Bethesda from 1947 until 1968. In the year of 1951 she married Albert Ernest Brault, her true love. The couple continued to lived in the Bethesda area until 1966 when they bought a farm on Graceham Road near Thurmont, Maryland. Farming, the rural life, rustic living was a dream of her lawyer husband, Albert.

One day her husband, Al, was at the Thurmont Pharmacy on Main Street. After talking to Doctor August, the Pharmacist, Albert was told that Thurmont needed a good doctor. Elated, Albert told the pharmacist that Margaret, his wife was a doctor and that he would persuade his wife, Dr. Callan to relocate her practice in Thurmont. Albert was indeed very persuasive and her office until retirement was at 14 West Main St., Thurmont, Maryland. Margaret was very solicitous for her patients and loved her work. She met many challenges adapting to the rural life. She grew to love living on the farm, her love for nature was discovered! Margaret found the farm relaxing. Margaret and Albert treasured their many walks together. Margaret also had a love for the ocean, which inspired her. She loved to swim. Her busy life limited her getaway time. As a small compromise, Margaret and Albert installed a swimming pool to enjoy the love of water right there at home.

Dr. Margaret Callan, M.D. also enjoyed traveling with her husband and friends, visiting many accomplished women around the world. She also enjoyed spending a lot of quality time with her husband, Al, having a quiet luncheon with friends or just the two of them. Her other love of her life was her son, Charles and grandchildren. She spent time with them, which brought joy to her life. Dr. Callan also enjoyed animals; in fact her most precious animal was her dog, Maggie, which was a great companion.

After the passing of her beloved, Al, in 2002, Margaret’s own health started to fail. Doctor Callan started to have some problems with her eyes. Loss of her vision was one reason pushing her to retire, a difficult and painful decision. Physician was the very essence of Dr. Margaret Callan M.D. Being a Physician was the blood in her veins. Margaret once stated, “That being a physician wasn’t just about money, it was about helping people." That is why it was so hard for her to retire from her office in 2003, at the age of 84. She may have stopped practicing at her office, but continued to see a few patients at her home in Graceham and making some home visits. I worked for Dr. Callan for many years. As her health continued to fail, I became her caregiver and with the help of others, she was able to remain at home for a few more years. After a few passed years, she was placed into an assisted living. It was her faith and caring loved ones that saw her through. Harriet Buhrman was Margaret’s main office assistant and a dear friend throughout the years in Thurmont. Harriet has shared this story and we are so grateful to Harriet for helping us remember his great pioneer woman. Harriet stayed with Dr. Margaret Callan visiting her frequently in her assisted living setting until Margaret Callan’s passing. She was a great doctor and friend and is sadly missed by many who knew her.

In Loving Memory of My Friend
Doctor Margaret Callan Sadly Missed,
Harriet Buhrman

Margaret Callan, M.D. honored EOPCC’s Dr. Portier, by joining her for lunch one day and announcing she was redirecting many of her patients to the next woman doctor in the area.

I was Humbled and Honored to pick up the torch.
Bonita J. Krempel-Portier, D.O.

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