Laura Portier-LaLumiere

Judy Harbaugh

Linda Kelley-Junker

Catherine Beverage: Volunteer of the Year, 2011

John Bennett: Volunteer of the Year, 2012

Dr. David B. Rehm, PhD: Volunteer of the year, 2013

Patricia Cairo: Volunteer of the year, 2013



Vicky Fraley: Community Service Award, 2011

Ray and Rose Maire Lanier: They have donated through the years and qualified for Naming Opporturnity. Their name is over Exam Room # 3.

Bill Kuhn

Joan Treadway

Ann Reaver

Rose Ferguson

Donna Cuseo

Katie Warthen

Paula Fish

Lea Walz

Patricia Fisher

Mary Louise Hoban

Betty Jean Meredith

Patricia Cairo

Monika Lucey

Barry Lucey

Bill O'Toole: Contributed enough to have his and his parents names on plaques in the Waiting Room. These plaques will be shown at the March 10th Thank You Luncheon before going into Waiting Room.

Cathy Bodin: Contributed enough to have her and her parents names on plaques in the Waiting Room. These plaques will be shown at the March 10th Thank You Luncheon before going into Waiting Room.

Sue Pierotti

The Friends of EOPCC are a volunteer group that help to plan and staff fundraisers and maintain EOPCC behind the scenes with donations of their time and talent.

If you would like to join our Friends committe, please contact Cathy Bodin at 301.447.2690 and leave her a message or email us at noportier@aol.com


Christmas Correspondence and Fundraisers

The elves handling the correspondence were Katie and Joel Warthen and Patricia Fish. Bill O’Toole and Karen Adelsberger donated the postage. The volunteers who crafted or staffed our table at the Mother Seton Breakfast Crafts Fair, Dec. 6, were Donna Cuseo, Beverly Kolb, Pat Cairo, and Cathy Bodin. Pat Fish and Donna Cuseo were both facing surgery and shared precious time before those surgeries with us in order to make EOPCC’s holiday business go more easily. All the volunteers’ time and energies were appreciated. Board member Melissa Wetzel is selling candies donated by EOPCC Friends at her CPA office on West Main Street, Emmitsburg. Rumor has it that Sr. Mary Kate Birge is one of the chocolatiers, a recommendation in itself.


A New Auxiliary Board for EOPCC

As all who have volunteered at EOPCC know, the work to be done is overwhelming. We are committed to the dream and know there are others who want to help, but are as yet untapped. We are forming an Auxiliary Board that would meet at least 4 times a year. We would plan, scheme, dream and mostly roll up our sleeves and work toward making EOPCC more stable through fundraising projects. We would volunteer and recruit volunteers for projects that need doing to make the EOPCC program better and more responsive to community needs. Also, we would work on some projects that handle some of the nitty gritty needs of EOPCC. If you would like to be on the EOPCC team, please call Dr. Bonnie Portier, D.O. at EOPCC: 301-447-3310. Friends of EOPCC, we hope you want to be part of this team; we will be calling you soon.

121-123 W. Main Street • P.O. Box 1219 • Emmitsburg, MD 21727 • Phone: (301) 447-3310 • Fax: (301) 447-5851 • Email: info@eopcc.com
Hours: Mon and Wed 8:30 - 4:00 • Tues and Thurs 8:30 - 8:00 • Friday 8:30 - 5:00